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Tempered Bent Glass Curved Tempered Glass Processing

Jun. 30, 2017

Tempered Bent glass is a flat glass which has been heated to a temperature where it softens up so that it can be molded into the desired shape.Bent glass can be single, laminated or toughened.HGG hopson glass group can bend any glass according to the customer specifications.


Bent tempered glass (Cuved temperd glass) or bent heat strengthened glass is made of float glass which is firstly heated to the softening point and then bent to shape and finally cooled down rapidly by special facility.

Bent glass is made of float glass which is firstly heated to soften point and then bent to shape by shape by weight

of glass itself or outside force,and finally cooled down.


HGG hopson glass group company adopts advanced technology of synchronous roller shaping process,Model can be adjusted easily and flexibly.


      Bent glass produced by HGG is of excellent appearance quality and good optical performance.


Performance of Bent Tempered Glass

Safety, mechanical attack resistance and thermal stability are as good as those of flat tempered glass. It belongs to safety glass which anti-wind pressuere ability and deflection peformance are better than those of flat tempered glass


Type of Product

float glass and heat-reflective coated glass with various colors. low-E glass.IGU and laminated glass products made of former mentioned glasses .Color clear , ultra-white. tinted color such as green,blue,grey and brown and coated glass.



Tempered Bent glass is mostly applied to curtain wall with curve stucture.glass enclosure.indoor decoration and furniture etc. The hot bent glass is used in furniture. drawers, hyperboloid and taper frame buildings.

Performance of Bent Glass

     More accuracy in arc ,less light aberration .



     Maximum size:2540mm*4600mm

    Minimum size: 600mm*300mm

    Minimum curve radius:800mm(for glass of 5-6mm thickness)1000mm(for glass of 8-12mm thickness)1500mm(for glass of 15-19 thickness)

    Maximum arch:700mm



Bent glass specification of processing

     Maximum dimension:3000mm*6000mm

    Thickness of processing:4mm-19mm



     Bent tempered Glass:in accordance with

     Standard Q/ZN2-2005

     Bent glass:in accordance with Standard Q/ZN1-2000

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