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Glass insulating Processing

Sep. 19, 2017

Insulating glass (IGU or DGU) is made of two or more than two pieces of glass between which a space with certain width is partitioned by aluminum frame filled with highly efficient molecular absorbent. The edge of insulating glass is sealed by high strength sealing sealants. To ensure the performance of IGU, double sealing must be used. Butyl should be used for the first sealing, polysulfide rubber or silicon structural sealants should be chosen accoding to glazing manner.

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Termal Performance: Heat insulation performance of IGU is the most ideal among all processed glass products available on the market.Heat transfer coefficient K value can be effectively reduced by IGU. If inert gas as neon, argon, helium is filled, heat transfer coeffiecient can be further dramatically reduced.

Sound Insulation Performance: IGU is ideal sound insulating material. Normal IGU can reduce noise by 30 decibel, IGU filled with inert gas can further reduce 5 decibel.

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Anti-dew under Low Temperature: AS IGU is filled with enough desiccant,it can effectively absorb the vapor in the iner space or penetrated from outside to ensure the gas in inner space is absolutly dry and won't dew.Optical Performance: Various glass substrates can be used for IGU to meet the request of sunlight transmission and reflection.

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Light Weight: Under the same condition heat insulation, the replacement of partial brick wall or concrete with IGU can reduce load of building and simplify building structure.


Widely used in all kinds of curtain wall of building, indoor partition or refrigerator.

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Types of Product

Clear glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, heat-reflective coated glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass and color glazed glass can be composed into various compound product.Flat or bent IGU can be processed.


Size: maximum 2700mm×3500mm;minimum250mm×500mm

Aluminum Frame thickness:6mm、9mm、12mm、15mm

hickness of Glass: Various combinations between 3mm to 19mm


In accodance with GB/T 11944-2002 Chinese Insulating Glass Standard

In accordance with JISR 3209 Japanese Standard

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