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Heat-reflective Glass

Jun. 30, 2017

Heat-reflective Glass

With the deveploment of architecture aesthetics, the requirements for architectural glass is becoming higher and higher. Glass should supply not only proper lighting and good sight shading functions, but also certain level of energy saving performance and colorful decoration effects. Heat-refelctive coated glass is the solution. It is also called solar control glass or sunlight shdaing glass which is got by sputtering special materials to high quality float glass under vacuum environment. Depending on different materials to be sputtered and different layer combination, solar energy direct radiation reflectance, transmission, absorbtion and color of coatings can be controled accurately.HGG takes the lead in developing and producing large quantity of off-line solar control glass which can be reprocessable, for example, tempering and bending.



1. Efficient control of incidence of direct solar radiation, outstanding sunlight shading effect


2. Various reflective colors, best decorative function


3. Good sight shading function to indoor objects and structural components of architecture.

4. Ideal visibel trnasmission and reflectance ratio, reduced ultraviolet transmission.

5. Nice energy saving performance.


1. Hot summer and blazing sunlight area

2. Buildings requiring colorful decoration effect

3. Buildings need outdoor sight shading fuction


Types of Product

Product: Besides single pieces of solar control glass with various types and sizes, HGG can also provide compound glass products made from it, such as color glazed coated glass, fireproof coated glass, laminated coated glass, tempered coated glass, insulating coated glass etc.

Color: silver grey, grey, bluish grey, blue, lake blue, greyish green, green, bluish green, golden, dark brown, champagne etc. Every above color can be avaiable with different tone which can meet function and aesthetics requirements of various architectures.



   1. Size: Standard full size 2440mm X 3660mm,2440mm×3300mm,2400×3300mm,2100mm×3300mm

   2. maximum size 2440mm×7000mm , minimum size 300mm X 800mm. Various sizes can be customized.

   3. Thickness: 3mm、4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、15mm


    1. In accordance with GB/T 18915.1-2002 Coated Glass

    2. In accordance with JISR 3221 Japanese Standard

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