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Self cleaning Glass / Easy Cleaning Glass

Jun. 30, 2017

Self-cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass is made by sputtering a layer of transparent nanometer TiO2 photocatalytic film. When socalled light accelerant-TiO2 phtocatalytic fiilm meets UV ray, the organic substance and oleic acid adhensive to the surface of glass would be decomposed and the glass is cleaned.



Light-induced Water Affinity: When the contact angle between nanometer TiO2 film and water reaches 0-15°, TiO2 demonstrates its water affinity. On one hand, it can isolate greasy dirt from surface of TiO2 film. On the other hand, greasy dirt can be easily lift up and flushed away by rain water. Because of the super water sffinity, the antifouling film would become an even water film when contact with water. In this case, the dust and dirt on the film will be floated up and falls along with water film formed by gravity. No water mark is left and effect of cleaning is achieved.

Self-cleaning Glass

Photocatalytic Activity: Under the illumination of sunlight or UV, nanometer film material is brought electron mobility, and large volume of free electrons and cavities come into being, active oxygen (O2) and active OH- group are generated which enable organic substance (ie oleic acid) adhesive to glass surface is decomposed rapidly to other non-hazardous inorganice substances (ie CO2、H2O etc ),The organic substance degradation ratio of HGG Self-cleaning glass reaches more than 70% and with super quality of self-cleaning.


Sterilization Effect: Bacteria and disease germ would be killed or decomposed under the effect of anti-mildew.


Anti-corrosion: This kind of glass has strong anti-caid and anti-alkali function.


Almost applicable to all kinds of outdoor places such as curtain wall, window or canopy.

If only the illumination of sunlight or UV exists, self-cleaning effect can be achieved.


Type of Product

Self-cleaning glass can be precessed to tempered glass, coated glass, insulating glass and laminated galss.

Maintenance of Self-cleaning Glass

It can be cleaned by rain in areas rich in rain or can be cleaned by flushing water.


Automatic spraying device can be installed to keep superficial cleanness of building.


For the area lack of rain or for the contaimination of persisting pollutant, netutral liquid detergent can be used with flushing water.

Self-cleaning Glass

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