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Glass Drilling and Waterjet cutting Processing

Jun. 30, 2017

Some of the glass details need to be preliminary processed by making holes in the glass in order to be mounted or installed.

For this purpose HGG Hopson glass group has a double sided drilling machine and water jetting cutting machine with the following technical possibilities:

· Thickness of the glass – from 2 mm to 40mm.

· Diameter of the available drills – Ø4, Ø5, Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø13, Ø14, Ø16, Ø18, Ø19, Ø20, Ø22, Ø24, Ø26, Ø31, Ø32, Ø34, Ø36, Ø45, Ø50, Ø60, Ø66, Ø70, Ø90, Ø120.

In addition the company can produce cutouts and notches on all kinds of glass. The most popular cutouts and notches processed in the company are:

· Cutouts and notches for hinges.

· Internal cutouts.

· Cutouts for glass holders.

· And other.


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